Okijin Games is 2 year old!

This is Okijin Games!


Original Game Titles


Mobile Web Publishers


Native Store Installs

Released 4 game titles including Zombies Can’t Jump, Jelly Slice, Aqua Thief and Sticky Goo. Partnership with 33 publishers for the mobile web (HTML5) distributing through over 100 licensed portals.

Games are also available on desktop from the Chrome Web Store and the Mozilla Firefox Marketplace!

Over half a million native store installs for self-published titles.

Head over to the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone or Windows 8 Store to play.


Global Average Rating


Exclusive Game Titles


In 6 Countries

Global and combined average rating on native stores for 4 games. HTML5 games can make it in the native world! Released five exclusive game titles including Coins Catchers (Buongiorno), Robots Can’t Jump and Seashell Queen (SpilGames), Zombies TD (SmartMedia) and Space Thief. Zombies Can’t Jump ranked first in paid strategy games category in 6 countries on Windows Phone Store.


Honorable Mention Prize


Social Fans & Followers


Man Show

Honorable Mention Prize winner of Tizen App Challenge with Jelly Slice. Many thanks to the Facebook and Twitter communities which have helped spread the word about my Games! Feel free to join!

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Whether you are a player, publisher or game developer, Okijin Games is still a one man team at your service! Get in touch!

What’s coming next?

With 2 new games in the pipeline including Rope Ninja (out this month!) and Zombies Can’t Jump 2 (long overdue), the rest of the year is going to be quite busy nonetheless very exciting!

I started to experiment with cloud technologies after attending the Cloud Gaming Summit in London last year and I am pleased to say that now all Okijin Games are hosted and running from Azure (currently serving sessions to Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace and directly to Okijin games website).

I believe that this investment will bring a greater level of control over the update process and backend technology for the games. So, expect to see some nice features in the coming months including multiplayer support!

Finally I would like to thanks all partners, HTML5 developer community, players and game testers for your patience and help! Your feedback is invaluable as I strive to create even better games!

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch.

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