Joint Venture for new horizons!

An exciting partnership for new horizons!

I am thrilled to be entering into a joint venture with Smart Media as we decided to join forces combining our skills, technologies and resources to focus on developing and distributing instant, casual and social, multiplayer games.

The business will be managed in joint control by myself and Ofir Krisspel.

Ofir Krisspel is CEO of Mobbo, a Business Intelligence and Analytics platform and Smart Media. He takes part in this project as investor while also bringing in many years of expertise in the field of analytics, marketing, publishing and monetization of web and native applications.

My latest multiplayer game, which has now seen almost half-a-million players online will be used to seed the joint venture.

I am confident that together with this new startup, we will be able to grow and seize the many opportunities ahead in the flourishing game industry.

We cannot wait to get started, wish us luck!

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